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You would like to know more about Memo Paris' universe and its olfactory destinations: our set is the opportunity for a first experience and to better approach the house’s travelling soul, by deciding for yourself which places appeal to you.

“The journey is the destination” is Memo Paris’ motto. In keeping with this spirit, we invite you to take a journey with us and choose seven of our emblematic perfumes.

Compose your unique set by choosing your fragrances:

... Have you chosen your favorite perfume? With this set you will receive a Dhs.150 discount voucher to be applied for any purchase > Dhs.400.

Content: 7x1,5ml | 7x0,07 fl.oz.

Discover our most iconic perfumes

The eye of a tuberose

Marfa. A destination with a unique destiny. Its bottle emblazoned with a wide-open eye provides the first clue. Deep in [...]

Intense savannah

Inspired by the African continent, this fragrance unveils warm spicy notes of cardamom and saffron over a floral touch [...]

Mad Jasmine

A memory of India, steeped in the rich and airy fragrance of jasmine sambac and the creamier scent of sandalwood [...]

The lion's cedar

Iberian Leather is a dense and smoky leathery fragrance. At the top, aromatics and citrus blend with geranium and with its [...]

An oud in the house of the sun

Shams means “sun” in Arabic, and the supreme star is indeed the glowing hearth of the fragrance, the inspiration for its woody [...]

An osmanthus submerged in a cloud of tea

On Inlé Lake, in the heart of Myanmar, life is lived on the water. The view is unobstructed, sounds ricochet between the [...]

A Rose affair

With its lime and rose essences and its suede accord evoking the inside of a handbag, this scent signs the adventure of a French [...]

Sweet spirale

Sintra, like a reminiscence of childhood with its marshmallow note brought by Orange blossom absolute, Petitgrain [...]

Gallop of the wind

Like a nod to the Irish origins of Memo Paris' co-founder, this fragrance blends his leather accord with the windy freshness [...]

A mystical rose

A place of pilgrimage and celebration, located at over 2,500 meters in altitude, the Christian city of Lalibela in Ethiopia [...]

Open sesame

Sesame and grapefruit come together and merge like the landscape that inspired them, the high plain of Kedu. Nestled on the island [...]

The wild citrus of paradise

A bat of an eyelash. Oil of grapefruit. A tinkle of laughter. Orange blossom. A river of flowers and fruits. Oil of neroli [...]

Frozen fougère

Memo is venturing into the northern realms where humans are scarce. An exposed and lofty space, where everything is intensely [...]

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I love Meemo

Christian Ranisovic
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its good

Our story

Memo imagines perfume as a journey, building its identity around magical destinations and intense raw materials, high quality natural ingredients.

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