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Philippe Paparella

Philippe Paparella

From the South of France, Philippe Paparella studied sciences in Montpellier and specialised in perfumery at the ISIPCA school in Versailles.

His career first took him to Indonesia to work for Mane (a company specialising in the creation of aromas and perfumes) in 2001, then to China in 2003, where he joined Symrise in 2008. Direction Dubai in 2016 and today 2020 Sao Paulo. The discovery of new cultures enriches his olfactory palette; he has thus learned to work with tropical fruits such as mango and pineapple, although he particularly like the sensual aspects of woody, amber and musky notes. One would naturally think he is a globetrotter, but he confides that his relationship with travel is above all imaginary: ideal for Memo Paris. "A picture or a word could lead me to imagine the flower I want to create. My imagination plays a very important role in my work, even more so than experiences. "For Memo Paris, he recently created Sintra, released in autumn 2020: an addictive perfume around a musk marshmallow.


Philippe Paparella

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